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Underwater experiences in Salento

Santa Caterina di Nardò (LE)

Porto Selvaggio and Punta Lea: an unmissable excursion that offers the prospect of breathing under the water, observing the marine species and the extraordinary and colorful nature of the magic sea bottoms of Salento.


A unique experience that is worth of living or giving!

Costs: €370,00 per scuba diver | €290,00 for the chaperon



  • Friday afternoon: arrival ta Cala d’Aspide Resort in Santa Caterina di Nardò (Lecce).
  • Welcome cocktail and briefing at Costa del Sud Diving Service.
  • Dinner at La Pergola restaurant, tasting the renowned fresh fish dishes.
  • Saturday morning: after breakfast, dive at the Side of Porto Selvaggio.

The immersion point is in the center of the park of “Porto Selvaggio e Palude del Capitano”, and it is reachable in just ten minutes of navigation. The dive is mostly on the Side, but it is also possible to bump on tunnels and arcade bearer of magnificent landscapes, very colorful and full of life. The dive will continue among schools of pinfishes and salemas, and it will arrive at a splendid shoal populated by stone basses, lobsters, moray eels and Atlantic bonitos. Farer from the Side, laid down on the sand, a big admiralty anchor perfectly preserved: the dimensions – about three metres tall – anc the tipology make you think to an evocative sailing ship of late ‘700, first ‘800. Dive ends with a visit in a proper tunnel digged in the rock, very colorful, home of various species of crustacean and sponges that upholster the sides.

  • Heavy appetizers at the Resort.
  • Saturday afternoon: guided tour of Lecce old town.
  • Dinner at Locanda Rivoli.
  • Sunday morning: after breakfast, dive at Punta Lea.

Dive starts from a natural hollow of the rock, that, forming a genuine colorful tunnel, opens on the Side at an 11 metres of depth. You will continue on a great shoal, that starts from a sandy bottom at 26 metres and has its top at 17 metres, populated by schools of pinfishes, stone basses, gold-blotch groupers and Atlantic bonitos. Back to the side, through a series of splendid natural arches, it will be possible admire gorgeous tricks of the light and amyriad of sponges and moss animals in every shape and color. From the bottom of the arcade rise up majestic specimen of axinella cannabina sponges that gives further movement to the semi-darknes of the tunnel.


  • Traditional Salento lunch at the Resort and departure.

The offer is valid for the week-ends and the weeks among:

February, 1st 2018 – June, 30th 2018


Note: Transfer from Brindisi airport or Lecce train station costs €30,00 per person. It excludes the costs of the contingent rent of the equipment. Additionally, the location of the dives can vary, due to the weather conditions and the Experiences may be adapted to the special needs of the participants


Underwater experiences in Salento

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