The Italian language in the World

The Italian language

Why so many people study Italian language nowadays? Despite the political and economic importance of other languages, the number of people who study Italian is constantly growing, even in countries that have not undergone Italian immigration. The most common explanation is cultural enrichment, followed by study or work needs, for tourism or for emotional reasons. Italian is a language of culture, it is the language of Dante, lyric poetry, great artists, painters, poets, writers, philosophers. It is also the official language of the Pope and the Vatican City, along with Latin. The Italian language is a musical language, open, varied and redundant, so understanding it is easier and even more enjoyable.

Italian is also the language that describes “Made in Italy“: it is the language of fashion, Dolce Vita style, cooking and cars. The Italian industry remains one of the most important in the world, being one of the top five world economies. All this is synonymous with quality, style and know how to live. Italian language is an important part of that Italy full of art treasures, landscapes, magic. Not to mention its inhabitants: a creative, friendly and warm people. A curiosity: Italian language has the highest number of words to describe food! In short, speaking Italian is a resource for growing from a human, cultural and professional point of view. We don’t study it by necessity, it’s a choice and as such, must be aware.