Language – Cultural Stay in Agnone (Molise) a parrtire da 15.000 euro al giorno

da | Mag 17, 2019 | 0 commenti

Practice Italian in the small medieval village of Agnone in Alto-Molise, in the Province of Isernia, between Abruzzo and Puglia (210 km south-east of Rome and 150 km north-east of Naples), live in a friendly and welcoming that does not speak English, interact with the citizens, learn through the visit, explore the history and local traditions, discover the family run companies that produce excellent cheeses, meats, olive oil, honey, wine and other regional specialties: this is not a true language school, it is a life experience because the best way to learn Italian is to immerse yourself in people’s lives. The community is your teacher. Agnone is famous for the Pontifical Foundry Marinelli, the oldest factory in the world for the manufacture of bells (over 10 centuries ago!). A week of good food and Italian culture, far from the best known tourist flows. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic community. Live slow life, discover ancient traditions.