Language – Cultural Stay in in Abruzzo

I learn Italian…Staying in Abruzzo!

If you want to learn Italian not at school but in a family, this is the opportunity for you. You will learn the basic rules, the phrases that will be more useful to you and, above all, you will be able to participate in continuous conversations. We will go shopping together, we will ride horses, we will play board games, we will visit local companies and learn how to make cheese or work with wood, we will learn to cook typical dishes and taste them together because the best school is to live the Italian traditions!


1 week program


1° Day:
– Arrival in Italy and transfer to the structure with a guide;
– Welcome drink and presentation of the program;
– Accommodation in the rooms and dinner.


2° Day:
– Rich breakfast with local and organic products;
– Italian course (we learn the Italian you need, the most useful phrases, to introduce yourself, to know how to ask for information, to know how to order in a restaurant and more);
– Lunch;
– Visit at the Cantina de Feuduccio to discover how the famous Abruzzese wine is produced, discover their barrels made with fine woods, observe the machinery and taste local products and salami;
– Free time to discover the village (visit the sanctuary, make beautiful photographs of the Belvedere, see the old fountains where they also stop the flocks in the transhumance periods, discover the old part of the village with the clock that rises where once there it was the abbey that dominated the village);
– Dinner;
– Prize game “Mercante in Fiera”… let’s learn Italian by playing!


3° Day:
– Rich breakfast with local and organic products;
– Italian lesson;
– Lunch and relax;
– Visit to Guardiagrele Country named by the poet D’Annunzio “country of stone” for the typical houses built with the characteristic stones of the Majella and famous for the art and the handicraft (working of the copper and the iron). You can visit the municipal villa that offers a breathtaking view, take a ride in the typical workshops of the artisans who work the iron and see the work of chandeliers, special objects decorated with care. Whoever wants to can buy a very special memory. For a snack we will go to the ancient bakery open for more than 100 years to taste the famous “sise of monaca”, a typical dessert that is not found anywhere else in the world;
– Dinner in a restaurant to taste delicious local dishes;
– Return to the structure: board games, film vision, relaxation.


4° Day:
– Rich breakfast with local and organic products;
– Italian course;
– Lunch;
– Excursion on the coast of the trabocchi .. natural reserve to discover the wonders of the cliff and the typical wooden buildings used once by fishermen to throw the nets. You will go along a scenic road a few meters from the sea and then go up to visit a real trabocco where we will explain the techniques used for fishing, history and tradition;
– Aperitif dinner on the trabocco, you can eat freshly caught fish suspended on the sea…a unique experience!
– Return to the facility.


5° Day:
– Rich breakfast with local and organic products;
– Let’s learn Italian on the way discovering Abruzzo between art and nature!
– Excursion with a guide to choose between the Rio Verde Falls, Roccascalegna castle, the hermitage of San Bartolomeo, Lanciano and its monuments, Lago di scanno and around the town to visit the typical shops of local lace and salami;
– Packed lunch “as in the past”;
– Return to the structure;
– Let’s talk about cooking together … let’s prepare the pizza! knead and know the names of many culinary products;
– We eat pizza made together and … a game of social games!


6° Day:
– Rich and healthy breakfast with local and organic products;
– We learn Italian with art .. a person in the industry will help you create a wooden souvenir that you can bring back home with you .. laboratory of art and dialogue..conversing and working together you learn a lot more than you think!
– Lunch with outdoor barbecue .. to taste also the famous Abruzzo roast;
– All on the farm: visit to a farm where you can participate in the processing of cheese, help on the farm and discover the names of many animals and tools .. to study Italian even outside the school!
– Dinner on a farm at the farm with their products;
– Return to the facility.


7° giorno:
– Delivery of a basket with local products for each participant as our thanks and accompaniment at the airport/station.


Stay at B&B in the heart of the Majella National Park, located in a small typical village where all traditions are still alive and you can breathe even just walking on the street, where the reception and availability characterize each person. You will be 20 minutes from the sea, 30 from the biggest cities and the most beautiful peaks!


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